JAB offers leadership opportunities for students at all levels of student engagement. From planning and executing programs to financial management and developing visions. JAB will help you improve your interpersonal, programming, negotiation, time management, customer service, and creativity skills. Your JAB experience will complement both your academic and Juniata experience. Make friends and memories through joining JAB!

The following students are on JAB's Executive Committee. If you have any questions concerning JAB or JAB events, please contact the students listed below or send an email to jab@juniata.edu.

President: Kelly Reynolds & Matthew Colabella

Vice President: Hillary Grove
Treasurer: Rebecca Walsh
Secretary: Jessica Zavadak

JAB students build their skills through working with Juniata community members and outside agents and vendors. The relationships with outside agents are built through attending NACA and APCA regional and national conferences. JAB members have the opportunity to attend regional and/or national conferences for programming and leadership.