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Buckets of Humanity

Stone Church

September 27, 2017

Juniata College students join the Stone Church of the Brethren in preparing cleaning kits that will be sent to those coping with the effects of recent nautural disasters. See the Report Here

Establishing Cost and Effect

Phil Dunwoody

The James J. Lakso Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning efficiently weaves innovation, information and rejuvenation into the fabric of Juniata College. Read the Article Here

Building Cultural Bridges

Juniata College Museum

September 13, 2017

Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton has formed Art Bridges, a foundation that will loan works to American art exhibitions and aid travel shows around the nation. The Juniata College Museum of Art will display a painting by Gilbert Stuart through the Art Bridges Foundation. Read the Article Here

Peaceful Dialogue with International Experts

Polly Walker

September 10, 2017

Five representatives from Juniata College attended the 29th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum, hosted and presented by Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Read the Article Here

Through the Eyes of an Eagle

Student Blog

Who knows more about Juniata than those who attend classes here every day. Read our student blogs for insights into the Juniata lifestyle.

Peace and Justice for Indigenous Peoples

Photos by Veronica Cosmopolis '20

Juniata College students and faculty gather in Sill Boardroom to discuss Peace and Justice for Indigenous people. Guest speakers included Scotti Clifford and Juliana Brown Eyes of "Scatter Their Own".