Weight Watchers @ Work

A 12 week session will be beginning on February 18, 2016. SPOUSES/PARTNERS ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE - and be eligible for the reimbursement through Human Resources!

Meetings are held in Humanities Lounge on Thursdays at 12:15, with a weigh in scheduled before the meeting at 12:00. The sessions will run for 12 weeks and cost $156. Weight Watchers does accept credit card payments and has an option to pay by check in three installments.

Human Resources will once again be providing a reimbursement for employees who participate in the program! Employees will receive 100% reimbursement if 10 of the 12 sessions are attended and a 75% reimbursement if 9 of the 12 sessions are attended.

Please e-mail turners@juniata.edu to sign up for Weight Watchers at Work.