Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Registration Dates

Registration opens for each class level or student type as follows:

  • Seniors and Juniors: 8:00 AM Monday 3/20/17
  • Master, IEP, EXC, and BCA students: 8:00 AM Monday 3/20/17
  • Sophomores: 8:00 AM Wednesday 3/22/17
  • Freshmen: Wednesday 3/29/17, registration times are assigned by birth month -- See what time registration will be open to you

PLEASE NOTE: registration OPENS on the above dates. You may register for classes at any time from your opening until registration closes on 4/6/17.

Registration closes at 5:00 PM Thursday 4/6/17.

Advisor Sign-Off ends at 5:00 PM Thursday 4/13/17.

 Starting Registration:

  • Go to Student Tab on the ARCH, select Student Academic Profile
  • Select courses using Scheduling Assistant on the ARCH
  • Click on WEBADVISOR
  • Use Express Registration using the five digit synonym only  (the subject, course #, section & term will prefill)
  • Variable credit – use search and register
  • Drop Section – to make a change to selected courses
  • Course Exception Form – registering for any course requiring instructors consent
  • Internships – register for the –490 and –495 numbers within the department.  Official internship forms must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  The Internship Form is on the Career Services site
  • Eagles Abroad – register for BCA 300 or EXC 300. Click here for Eagles Abroad locations

Completing Registration:

  • Courses appearing in Preferred Section  are in the shopping cart
  • In the Dropdown box, choose to register for all preferred sections or select the Registration option to register for each course individually
  • Click on SUBMIT to be officially register
  • Go to MY SCHEDULE and see your schedule.  If blank, your registration is still in the shopping cart
  • For help, come to the registrar’s office, or call 3165 between 8:00 – 5:00